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Repossessions Unlimited LLC
"Your 1st choice for collateral recovery"

We are a fully licensed, insured and bonded recovery company in business since 2008. 
We specialize in the recovery of cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational equipment, motor-homes and watercraft for large and small financial institutions.
We have integrated web-based recovery systems, internet and laptop equipped recovery trucks and seasoned recovery agents.
We set the industry bar!

  Office:  561-257-0800
Fax:  561-257-0801


Involuntary Repossession
Voluntary Repossession
Impounds (Invol/vol/Police)
Charge Offs
Skip Tracing
Condition Reports/ Pictures
Field Service Calls
LPR Cameras

-Coverage Area-

Palm Beach
Indian River
St Lucie

                            Direct Primary Insurance
Dishonesty Bond
RISC Certified
C.A.R.S Certified Agents
Secured Storage (Indoor/out)
Multiple Recovery Assets
  High Security Storage Locations
Central Office
24/7 Support
                                                                                                                                           R2500048                                                                                         Certified Asset Recovery Specialist® National Certification Program
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